Finding the Right VoIP for your Business

June 21, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

The age of the analog telephone system may soon be over, given the speed with which the growth of VoIP is exploding across the world.  With more organizations, from the multi-nationals to the small-to-medium-sized businesses, implementing VoIP systems in their infrastructure, the global market value is worth more than $80 billion as of 2015.  This is expected to soar to almost $200 billion in just eight years’ time. 


This article explains why VoIP is emerging as the best possible communications system in a highly technological world that is driven by data, run by evolving application solutions, and manned by a mobile workforce.  It also takes a look at the various leading VoIP providers and analyzes their individual strengths, competencies, and points for improvement.  This is both an overview of the industry as well as a useful guide if you are just beginning to realize the need for a VoIP for your company and do not know where to start.

We test and compare four business-class, hosted voice over IP (VoIP) solutions that bring the features and reliability of enterprise-level Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) to small to midsize businesses.

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