Debunking the Top 3 Myths About VoIP

July 18, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

To paraphrase sports car racing legend Mario Andretti, decision-making in business must be based on facts, and not from emotional or knee-jerk reactions. Facts make us look at things objectively and dispassionately.  They compel us to look at numbers, statistics,  and solid research reports instead of giving in to rumors and hearsay.  A rigorous adherence to facts also allows us to debunk myths, which may be popular but are ultimately untrue; believing in these myths can also be bad for our business. 

Just take a look at this article which examines the top 3 myths about VoIP, and then responds to each point and subsequently debunks them.  Do not let a myth or a popular idea that you still have to verify by facts prevent you from making a worthwhile investment with years-long benefits.  One solid and factual argument supporting VoIP is the number of happy customers who drive its growth; recent figures have posted the overall  global market growth of VoIP at more than $80 billion, which will peak to almost $200 billion by 2024.



VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ticks all the required boxes and yet this telecommunications technology that’s more affordable than cellular and more reliable than copper continues to suffer something of a reputation problem. ‘VoIP is cheaper than it has ever been because of plummeting interconnection rates between telecoms network operators. The voice quality is excellent because the Internet is speeding up in South Africa. And yet, VoIP is still often perceived as a ‘beta phase’ technology more than ten years after the legislature legalised VoIP operators,’ said Rad Jankovic, Managing Director of leading VoIP provider, OTEL Telecoms.

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