Why VoIP is an Essential Tool in a Multi-Tasking Workplace

July 18, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Multi-tasking, with its strengths and weaknesses, remains controversial among managers who struggle whether to laud it or criticize it – but one thing is certain: multi-tasking is here to stay in the tech-and-social-media-savvy world. Employees and customers alike have learned to multi-task because of the close way that they work with and use technology. Your sales agent talking to your customer on the phone is also guiding her into browsing through a powerpoint presentation; at the other end of the line, that customer is taking notes from their conversation and putting it on his tablet. Throughout all this, both your agent and the customer keep getting smartphone messages that they click on, take note of, reply to, or save – all without breaking a beat as they continue that conversation.

Love it or hate it, multi-tasking has become part of our corporate culture. Fortunately, platforms like VoIP help us to manage that particular skill set, enhancing our performance, making it more productive, while removing the tangled processes or bad habits that can make multi-tasking chaotic and unproductive. This article explains how VoIP puts order into the various processes that the multi-tasker is doing, and helps make the modern forms of communication such as social media and messaging more synchronized. This article should help managers take a second look at multi-tasking and how they can become a useful leverage, thanks to platforms like VoIP. – Cora Llamas.


by Kevin on July 13, 2016

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