The 5 Important Things You Should Know About VoIP

October 18, 2018 / jnebria

There has been a great amount of news spreading in the marketplace about this specific technological advancement that helped corporations paved the way towards their success – the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It has also spurred VoIP comparison with other related communication platforms. This innovation allows every user to render calls using a broadband Internet connection without the use of an analog phone line.

According to Federal Communications Commission, the VoIP simply converts the user’s voice into a signal that travels over the Internet. This is made possible by transmitting voice data in packets using IP. One good thing about this innovation is that it doesn’t incur shortage beyond what is paid for an Internet access – less cost while increasing productivity.


While most of us are all familiar with the newest trend in the market, here are still some of the unique facts why VoIP is considered an effective tool for communication.


  1. VoIP on wireless LAN


Because of VoIP over wireless LAN, easy internal calling for corporations and entities is deemed easy. Entities include hospitals, restaurants, dorms and educational campuses. The innovation would allow voicemail and caller ID possible anytime and anywhere. In fact, user’s mobility won’t be a problem for VoIP.


Imagine an emergency response team that would need to communicate instantaneously while attending to the needs of the masses. VoIP is indeed an effective tool for them to use.  Not to mention, this technology could also provide international calls with no extra charge or anything.

As a matter of fact, statistics showed that businesses on an average save up to 50 to 75 percent of their international calls cost as soon as they switch to VoIP. Dell, one of the telecommunications giant, saved $39.5 million by largely depending on the advancement.


  1. VoIP during its installment process

This advancement is easy to install more than any other. It is simple to understand yet its efficiency is the same as that of the other phones.

VoIP  is cost-friendly, convenient and long-lasting. You could simply remove, add,  and change its configuration in just a snap – no need to install complex software.


  1. VoIP’s user-friendly features

The VoIP includes features that are with the traditional phone lines. These include call transfer, conference call, auto-answer menus and call hold. If you are still not sure about what could be missing in the advancement, worry no more, as the old and good features are also included when you choose hosting the VoIP.

Also, virtual faxing is included in the advancement’s features. Even without paper or toner, clients could receive fax from a hosted VoIP system with no difficulty. Because of it, you could easily save you company  unforeseen maintenance and repair costs.

The VoIP is indeed a helpful tool towards the success of every business in the marketplace. It should be maximized in every way; making sure that its features and systems are not neglected by anyone.The consumer’s VoIP comparison with other products is a given.  Let VoIP not just be another device but let it be the device that would help companies soar to greater heights.

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