VoIP Vendors Roundup for 2018 by PCMag

January 22, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Every year PCMag, one of the oldest and most popular magazines for computers and tech. releases its top picks on anything related to IT. Vendors, Hardware, Software, SaaS, and the like, their benchmarking test is one of the most reputable in the market, and a buying point for any IT related product or service. Another popular tech blogging company Turbo Future, believes that CNET and PCMag are two of the highest authorities when it comes to IT review. This is their latest top pick on VoIP providers.  Their selections are based on features, pricing, company reputation, and other user reviews. There is also an article on their recommendations on how and why a particular vendor is above the others. Read on for more.  Miyagi Kazuki

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